Map of our ideas

We break stereotypes, invent new activities and let our Clients experience our exciting, elegant, aristocratic and even extraordinary countries. Our map is filled with reasons why your next visit should be to us and with us!

All about us

From design and implementation of events and incentives, to VIP experiences and individual travel services – C-Wise is your first choice in the UK and Ireland. No matter how standard, complex or serious your reasons for visiting are, we will convert them into your own achievements.

  • Living La Vida Cola!

    Incentive you wouldn't forget: Google visit, VI Nations match surprise and St Patrick's Parade

  • The Greatest Scottish Gathering

    International conference for 200 delegates from all over the World, inspired by ‘Royal Edinburgh’ concept.


    Lucky winners from Canary Islands, experiencing the greenest festival in the world and immersing into Irish culture.


    Exclusive and fun experience in London within European business rally.


    Creating fan club of the brand by connecting people with music and Irish culture!


    Bonding incentive in Scotland through extreme, fun and traditions.

  • The Game of Thrones Incentive

    Journey through filming locations of legendary Game of Thrones.


    A fun and themed 2-day incentive in London filled with Georgian character.

  • Ireland you do not expect

    Bespoke incentive trip discovering unrevealed Ireland


    3 days event in London including master classes, adventures and Gala Dinner.


    Filled with exclusivity, VIP touches and private use of home of the Duke of Grafton.


    An incentive with the emphasis on emotional attachment, culture and fun.

Our Portfolio

  • England

    Adventurous and peaceful, intelligent and fun, aristocratic and even nice and simple. Our exclusive concepts allow you to create your own English masterpieces and discover the country in your own way!

  • Scotland

    Exotic in its own way, bright and windy, sweet and bitter, simple and royal, and just captivating destination! We can easily promise: Scottish journey is always about amusement, joy and excitement.

  • Wales

    Slightly remote and less touristic than the rest of the UK, but yet so special! With our authentic itineraries, local venues and fabulous privately owned hotels we can create everlasting memories for you!

  • Ireland

    The green Emerald Isle’s steep cliffs, bursting valleys, ancient castles and cosy farms, as well as the Leprechauns, shamrocks and variety of national drinks make Ireland magical and so worth visiting!

  • Valerie West

    Managing Director
    • Q: What expression inspires you?
    • A: A sarcastic comment a day keeps the basics away
    Top facts:
    • Used to be a professional dancer
    • Believes that nothing is impossible
    • Spends leisure time doing geeky stuff
  • Adrian Lane

    Global Sales Manager
    • Q: What is the craziest thing you have done?
    • A: Some would say running with the bulls in Pamplona, I would say the drinking halls of Oktoberfest.
    Top facts:
    • Can never be seen without his gym bag
    • Is passionate about humour and stand-up
    • Strongly believes that you miss 100% of the tequila shots you don’t take
  • Marina Surkova

    Senior Project Manager
    • Q: What will you never be seen without?
    • A: Smile, as I always prefer to look at the bright side!
    Top facts:
    • Once dived to the sunken shipwreck
    • Recharges her batteries in London parks
    • Passionate about gardening and travelling
  • Laura Roca

    Regional Account Manager
    • Q: What is your favourite joke?
    • A: What did the pig say when was grabbed by his tail? - "This is the end of me!"
    Top facts:
    • Considers Timeout as her 'bible'
    • Believes that everything is Awesome
    • Can never be seen wearing the same thing more than once
  • Ruslana Nychay

    Projects Manager
    • Q: Why events management?
    • A: Running events lets me practice my inquisitiveness, be creative, explore new places and stay glamorous!
    Top facts:
    • Left Kiev and moved to London for love
    • Always has the best fancy dress outfit ideas
    • Believes that the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing
  • Peter Schmid

    The Founder
    • Q: What is your favourite joke?
    • A: Valerie told me to have a good day... so I came to work.
    Top facts:
    • Double J&B with Diet Coke and 3 ice cubes
    • His favourite place is Stamford Bridge when Chelsea are winning
    • Was a downhill skiing champion and a Michelin starred chef in his previous lives
  • Jekaterina Rondina

    Creative Leader & Projects Coordinator
    • Q: What expression inspires you?
    • A: Be the type of person you want to meet.
    Top facts:
    • Used to be a model
    • Makes funny face expressions
    • Dreams about planning a crazy circus themed party in the vaults of London
  • Lucy Williams

    Product Development
    • Q: What will you never be seen without?
    • A: My business cards… and a fan.
    Top facts:
    • Crazy about her cats
    • Gives most of credit to 'English charm'
    • Loves travelling with her backpack and a fanny bag!
  • James Gregory

    • Q: What will you never be seen without?
    • A: Something red
    Top facts:
    • Once jumped out of an aeroplane
    • Multiplies 6 digits numbers in his head
    • Knows all the football fixtures by heart

Our Team

Our Mission

We aim to establish an ideal image of Destination Management, where creativity is natural, mentality is flexible, price is advantageous and deadline is feasible. I think we are achieving it.

Valerie West, Managing Director

Our Expertise


With a great choice of venues we effectively organise meetings of any types and sizes.


Our personalised incentive ideas and programmes are both rewarding and inspiring for businesses.


We professionally manage diverse conferences, exhibitions and delegations from all over the world.


We create events for the individuals and companies to bring live communications into routine.

VIP Experiences

From concierge skills to spoiling your darling ones, we always exceed any expectations.

Special Interest and Education

We organise professional industry tours, add incentive elements and achieve the best results.

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