Old School Values

Our doors were opened in 1992 and since then the culture of the company has been focused on traditional values. We are proud of our high standards and discipline, and together with years of experience and knowledge - we are now among the best DMCs in the country.

Young Spirit

This is where the excitement comes from. Our young and driven team creates daring concepts, suggests non-standard activities and is up to date with the most fashionable trends in the industry. With immaculate negotiations skills and natural charm, always able to make any miracle happen.

End Result

We love delivering our services. Always on site, perfectionists, reliable, immediate in reacting and invisible at the same time. We speak a handful of languages and have an incredibly flexible mentality, which helps a lot in mutual understanding and making any project perfect for the client!

With all my honesty I wanted to say thank you for such an easy, informative and precise presentation of all the details. We do not get it from any other DMC in the world.

Alex B., BCD Meetings & Events

We are creative

Always trying to achieve the most unique and out of box solutions, we combine the existing resources of our fabulous destinations, as well as our fresh ideas and often crazy minds to offer the package that stands out from the crowd.

We are competitive

With our long-term relationship with suppliers and established position in the market, we offer our clients beneficial contracts and flexible working conditions. On top of that, one of our professional hobbies is negotiating on behalf of our customers.

We are persistent

We aim to hit all the targets, no matter how difficult they are. Each of our team members has a built in problem-solving engine and there isn’t a thing that can stop us from smashing the obstacles. All you have to do is to challenge us with your goals!

We have butterflies

We belong to those lucky people who don`t have to work a day in their lives, simply because we love what we do. Our team is extremely fond of our destinations and the never ending quest for finding awesome new hotels, pubs, boats, castles, steam engines, farms and royal palaces!

Can we inspire you?

We have built a special map, full of ideas for your private and corporate experiences. Explore The UK and Ireland from our inventive angles and let us start planning your new experience now!